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Wellbeing in work profits – everybody can photograph new power to themselves!

Photographing is more popular than ever before. Almost everyone has a camera in pocket – there is almost not a single new mobile phone which do not have a camera attached. So choose to use our multiyear experience of organizing photoventures: just tell us who is coming and where we will be. We tell you what we will do and where we will do it. And you get a lot of new power to your work as you start seeing things from new perspective!

Check the examples from our page Our services on our website what kind of things can be included in your photoventure!

Niko Paulanne

Have you been on the joint events where you actually have not been able to participate or participation has been restricted to the minimal level…  Would you like to do something fun and different with your colleagues this year? Would you like by doing fun als do some labour of love, some charity?

Are you seeking event for your working ability program, maybe photographer who could give your whole staff new, eye opening perspectives?

Hi, my name is Niko Paulanne. If you answered at least on one question YES, you are at the right place. I remember vividly how hard it was all those times to find a suitable program to joint autumn and spring events.

Contact us by email or phone us +358 (50) 5533311 and let’s talk more about how we can make a fun event for you!

More info about photographer Niko Paulanteesta can be found from these pages.

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